The North Coast Growers’ Association Farmers’ Market was established in 1978 by a handful of farmers. They began selling from the back of their trucks in the vacant lot at the foot of F and 7th Streets in Arcata. Today, NCGA is a 501 c 3 Non Profit Organization, making significant contributions to the health and well-being of our community. 2017 is our 39th season and we have over 100 members. Membership in the NCGA is open to residents of Humboldt County who grow or raise what they sell within Humboldt County. Working collaboratively, NCGA staff and members represent agricultural interests in Humboldt County through community partnerships that promote local and healthy foods, programs that increase access to local food, participation in local and statewide policy-making, and coordinate daily operations for the organization and our five Certified Farmers' Markets.



NCGA's Arcata Plaza market was one of the 1st four Certified Farmers’ Markets in the State of California, and is now the longest continuously running Certified Market in the State. Certified markets were established to promote direct marketing (from the field to the consumer without a middleman). Farmers can only sell that which they have grown and the person selling must be the grower or an employee of the farm. The state of California is one of only a handful of states with a Direct Marketing program, which provides oversight, inspections and enforcement of agricultural regulations at Certified Farmers’ Markets. NCGA farmers’ markets work closely with the Humboldt County Department of Agriculture in partnership to ensure that all vendors are in compliance with the rules, and that customers are receiving only locally grown produce grown by the farmer who brings it to market.  Certified Farmers Markets are helping to bring back the small family farm by giving the farmer an opportunity to sell direct to the consumer at fair market value. It also ensures that what the consumer buys is a local product and not picked green and shipped thousands of miles from all over the world. The consumer is getting the freshest, vine ripened fruits, vegetables, local honey, Arcata Bay oysters, mushrooms, cheese, flowers, herbs, trees, and bedding plants direct from the producer. We also have local certified organic wine, local grassfed beef, lamb, eggs and poultry. Click here to meet our farmers.


The North Coast Growers’ Association’s mission is:
- To operate certified farmers’ markets for the benefit of both producers and consumers

- To promote awareness of and support for farmers’ markets
- To work with other direct marketing associations to share resources and improve market management
- To educate consumers, and
- To promote and improve access to local agricultural products for the community.





The NCGA is a Founding Member of the California Alliance of Farmers' Markets. The California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets is a newly formed coalition of farmers’ markets from around the state of California, committed to working together for the betterment of our industry. The Alliance has five main activity areas: Access & Equity, Policy & Advocacy, Best Practices $ Professional Development, Marketing & Consumer Education, Integrity.



What you’ll find at our markets: Eggs, dried and fresh cut flowers, carrots, beets, radishes, lettuce, greens, and salad mixes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, squash, artichokes, berries, peaches, dried and fresh herbs, mushrooms, oysters, honey, grass-fed beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, cactus, house and ornamental plants, bedding plants, shrubs, trees, bamboo, and flowering rhododendrons. Click here to see what's in season this month.


The market is full throughout the year with plant starts. Even the starts do better in the garden when they are raised in Humboldt County. The farmers select only the varieties that are hearty in our climate and the consumer is purchasing the same starts that the farmers themselves will be planting on their farms.

  (photo by Mahalo Video)


Along with farm fresh products, our markets are weekly celebrations with prepared foods, live music, and special events.



Contact Us:

By Phone: (707) 441-9999
By Mail: NCGA, PO Box 4232, Arcata, CA 95518
By e-mail: info@humfarm.org
Visit Our Office in The Greenway Building, 1385 8th St, Suite 122, Arcata. Office hours vary.






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Join us in supporting Humboldt County farmers, the local economy and healthy families. Click here to learn more.
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